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Sport shoes lean production 800pairs/10H/11worker

Are you still using traditional and highly wasteful type shoe production lines? Take it OFF !!!  
 The pain points of the current footwear industry:
-Raw material prices have risen and product prices have fallen.
-The labor force is in short supply and the labor cost is rising.
-The power supply is tight and the environmental protection requirements are becoming stricter.
-The orders are small and diverse, and the market terminal requires quick delivery.
-High quality, low cost, bring difficulties to enterprise management
-The long production cycle, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and another inventory overhang, enterprise capital cycle pressure.
-The new product development costs are high and long, leading to the slow release of new products.
Where is the way, there is a way, find Quanyi to improve your shoe factory, let's make shoes easier. 
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