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Why Choose QUANYI shoe machine


2010.Hold a shoe summit forum -discuss the new direction of shoemaking

2015-2018. Receive the top ten shoe machine awards and receive interviews

1996-2019.Patents and certificates


2011-2019.Myanmar military turnkey project -From the building design to shoe making produciton shoe layout design.                

2015.“BME∙ HALL”  established.                  

2018.Take the lead of launch Shoe factory Lean system- save cost 40% than tradition shoe making produciton line.

2019. Join Global Footwear Future Development Summit

Quanyi shoe machine is dedicated to making the most energy-saving, lean, and intelligent mini equipment in the industry, as a lean improvement expert in the entire value chain of the shoe industry.

We will start from lean production and combine industry + Internet thinking and models to lead enterprises to intelligent manufacturing. The future of artificial intelligence will create more wealth for everyone in the society and our world; save resources, improve waste, protect the planet, Caring for the environment.
Quanyi purpose: innovation, growth, care, happiness.
We are committed to being your business partner.
We cherish and sincerely return your trust and expectation.
Our value comes from our assistance in creating value.
We help you reengineer your production process.
The company is committed to using lean improvement to promote the vigorous development of the shoe industry.
Better serve enterprises, customers, and the shoemaking industry.

Our advantage/Professional advantae
Team of senior lean trainers.
Top-quality lean equipment & comprehensive after-sales service support.
System overall planning solution.
Our advocacy, understanding and pursuit of shoe industry and lean.


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